The new Xbox One will be a real step up from the current Xbox 360, they are taking it from an already impressive 500 million transistors to 5 billion, and even those with no knowledge of technology can see the increase in power this must bring. The chips are once again brought to you by AMD, a well-respected manufacturer of processors; hopefully they will stand the test of time. I am sure that's enough to make you want to buy one but just in case:

As well as the increase in processing power they have also increased the on board RAM from a pretty pathetic 512mb to 8GB, this will allow the new Xbox to handle multiple tasks at once, and Microsoft have been hinting at the possibility of having instant switch between games built into the dashboard, but we will cover more about that later.

Xbox One Cloud

As well as the on-board spec the system also offers the equivalent of 3 times this power available in the cloud. You might remember the cloud if you read out post yesterday. Basically this gives games developers the opportunity to make use of additional computing power available on Microsoft’s servers.

Basically what all this means is that developers have the chance to really make use of the latest technologies, map sizes will increase, the graphics will take on a level of detail we have never seen before and as screens advance the console can keep up.

Storage Space

Now let’s get down to storage, the console itself has a 500GB disk space, but once again up in the cloud storage is unlimited. So as long as you’re prepared to wait for your internet connection you can store the entire back catalogue of every artist since time began, but you might want to check terms of service before attempting this…

It does mean however that once streaming media takes over you will be free to store all your movies, trailers and gaming data in one place without the worry of having to pay more subscriptions. Interestingly if the unlimited cloud doesn’t appeal you can add your own USB 3 hard drive to the console, more details about which ones are supported will follow.

Finally A Blu-Ray Player

The Xbox One will support Blu-ray, which is good news for those of use with a growing collection; there is no surprise it’s featured, hand up all those who remember HD-DVD? The console also supports 4K, the next generation HD, this adds an element of future proof to the tech.

Here at Buy Xbox One UK we really hope that this console takes the test of time, and hopefully we will never utter the words “Red Ring of Death” again! We can’t wait to see the tech in action, and we look forward to reviewing the console when we get our hands on it. So if you decide to buy an Xbox One you have a lot of power to look forward too!

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