It's been a rough day or two over at Microsoft, with their breaking news regarding their more strict rules about selling second hand games, and even giving them away to friends, no doubt after immense pressure from games developers.

24 hour checkin for the new Xbox One

Then they announce their next slightly worrying fact about their new Xbox One, at least once a day you console will require a quick visit to the World Wide Web! That’s right, every 24 hours the console will need to “check-in” with it’s parent servers just to check everything is ok.

At first guess it reasoning seems quite obvious, they want to stop pirates and cheats. It does make sense if you build a system you have to do everything you can to protect it, and this does seem like a logical answer to the problem.

Of course there are those who simply don’t have internet, but I think it’s fair to say most have access, at least once a day, to some form of internet connection.  As for what other information they will gain via this check-in method remains to be seen, but if they use the metrics to improve their live service I will be happy.

What will Sony do?

Let’s hope they make the most of opportunity and the news doesn’t affect too many people’s choice about buying the console. Makes me wonder where Sony will stand on the issue but I would hazard a guess by saying they will have something similar up their sleeves, if not worse (think always on connection?).

Image credit: Razor

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