Ok so E3 is over, and it's time to take stock and catch up with all those lovely trailers. I must admit at first I was a little unsure about how E3 went for Microsoft, there have been a few announcements which have been met with disgust by fans, I am thinking DRM choices and daily check-in here.

That been said there are plenty of things Microsoft have confirmed, which means at least we know a little bit more about the latest console hitting our shelves.  Let’s start with the price, confirmed in the UK as £429, this means that online retailers will now be able to officially price their consoles, so expect more bundle deals  in the next few weeks.

So the price tag aside let’s take a look at some of Microsoft’s gaming offerings.  Their intro video opened up, unexpectedly, with the new Metal Gear Solid for the Xbox 360 which is an interesting choice as their opening image but why not, it’s an awesome franchise and personally I can’t wait to get a chance to sit down and play it.

I’ll move quickly past World of Tanks and onto the Xbox One offerings:       

Ryse: Son of Rome

A game which was already announced but this time we get to see some proper video footage, the graphics look impressive, the only negative I could see is the excessive use of QTE, or Quick Time Events, you’ll remember these from Uncharted, yes, you know the one where you have to quickly press X five times or you’ll die and have to restart the silly nonsense from the start!

Forza Motorsport 5

No major surprises here the graphics look amazing, the level of detail has once again been stepped up a notch from the 360 version and there is a new addition to the game in the form of a new AI called Drivatar. Basically Drivatar learns your driving style as you play and when you’re at work or school your Drivatar will race against other users and if you win you earn points. Sounds quite unique but I have seen similar things in other games so we will have to see how it compares on release day.

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 will start 3 days after the outbreak, we will get to meet a new main lead and it will be based in California. Once again the main character can use pretty much anything as a weapon, and the video a few of the combos. One new feature seems to be vehicles, it remains to be seen how these will be implemented.  I really enjoyed Dead Rising, didn’t play the sequel so much, but still this might be on I add to my to play list.

Well that’s the first three major games coming to your Xbox One, in my second part I will cover the big daddy games Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 and more. So check back later for more!

Finally before we round off our reviews for the day, I think it is worth posting the trailer for the NEW Call of Duty: Ghosts. Although this was shown at the reveal trailer, rather than E3, I haven't had a chance to post the video or pass an opinion yet:

Call of Duty: Ghosts

I think it looks amazing, I really enjoyed the earlier Call of Duty games and although I haven't played the last two hardcore I still enjoyed the occasional round or two on a Sunday afternoon. Once again I think I will purchase this one, even if it is just for the odd blast every week or so. Graphically it is a step up from previous games but I can't help but think that some developers have yet to make full and proper use of the Xbox One's full capabilities. 

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Over the past few years streaming digital content to your home has become common place, from Lovefilm & Amazon to online TV catch up the UK has embraced the next generation method of acquiring content, so it’s no surprise to see that Microsoft has too. They plan to offer two options for purchasing games.

The traditional physical copy option

Althought it doesn’t really need explaining; you visit your local retailer and purchase a copy of the game on a Blu-ray. Some consumers still feel they prefer to have a copy in their hands; there is nothing like breaking the cellophane packaging and holding the shiny new disk. Good news for these people, there’s not much change here, the only difference is you will now be required to install the game on your Xbox One before you can play. However as a nice bonus once the game is installed Microsoft will hold in their cloud, allowing you to play you games whilst you’re at a friend’s house. This is AWESOME.

Then for those of us who have a decent internet connection and   it is quite likely you will be downloading your games from Live.

The modern digital streaming option

Again anyone who has an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 will be familiar with the idea of digital downloads; basically it is Microsoft’s way of cutting out the middle man retailer.  From what we know about the Xbox One most of its titles will be available to download directly from Xbox Live, and again if you want to play these games from a mates house, that’s not going to be a problem!

Personally I prefer digital downloads, I am lucky enough to have a reliable, speedy internet connection and the idea of not having loads of Blu-ray’s cluttering up the place appeals a lot. However, its unclear how selling the digital versions will work, I expect it might fall under the rules we outlined in our previous article:

"There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once."

Physical copies will also have new rules/charges applied to them but this will be determined by publishers and trade-ins will only be available with participating retailers, we do wonder if this will include Ebay?

As more news is released we will let you know, in the meantime we are left wondering what this will do to all the retailers in the UK who’s business revolves around physical media, it’s certainly going to be a time for change in the UK gaming market.

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It's been a rough day or two over at Microsoft, with their breaking news regarding their more strict rules about selling second hand games, and even giving them away to friends, no doubt after immense pressure from games developers.

24 hour checkin for the new Xbox One

Then they announce their next slightly worrying fact about their new Xbox One, at least once a day you console will require a quick visit to the World Wide Web! That’s right, every 24 hours the console will need to “check-in” with it’s parent servers just to check everything is ok.

At first guess it reasoning seems quite obvious, they want to stop pirates and cheats. It does make sense if you build a system you have to do everything you can to protect it, and this does seem like a logical answer to the problem.

Of course there are those who simply don’t have internet, but I think it’s fair to say most have access, at least once a day, to some form of internet connection.  As for what other information they will gain via this check-in method remains to be seen, but if they use the metrics to improve their live service I will be happy.

What will Sony do?

Let’s hope they make the most of opportunity and the news doesn’t affect too many people’s choice about buying the console. Makes me wonder where Sony will stand on the issue but I would hazard a guess by saying they will have something similar up their sleeves, if not worse (think always on connection?).

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