Well we won’t lie, here at Buy Xbox One UK we expected the new Xbox One to be fully compatible with old content available on the 360.  It turns out we were wrong, the new Xbox One will not feature any backwards compatibility for existing Xbox 360 games. Don't get us wrong we are sure you will still want to buy it!

They claim that the new console was built from the ground up and therefore the ability to make old games work with the new system would have been far too costly to implement. This will come as a disappointment to anyone who owns a 360 with a big catalogue of games because it means you can only play them whilst your old console keeps running and who knows how long it will survive for.

It also means all the games you have purchased through the existing Xbox Live will not longer work on your new device.  But on a brighter note you will have a whole range of shiny coffee cup mats to use!

All movie and music purchases will carry over to your new console, and once you are connected it will be available on both your new Xbox and your old 360. Although the new console has 500GB storage drive you can also store these movies in your new unlimited Xbox Cloud.  You can find our more about these features in our previous article here.

It isn’t clear yet if developers of popular indie games plan to remake these classics for the Xbox One, potentially those not working on ground breaking sequels might decide it is worth converting their older games into something usable on the new console. Of course expect them to charge you for the pleasure, and this is not something we are likely to see until at least the middle of next year.

So, we know old games won’t be backwards compatible but movies and media will be, so what about accessories? Well once again no surprises here, the new console will not work with old accessories it’s that simple. Basically they claim that the new accessories include new technologies which allow for faster transmission of data and more advanced plug-in additions for the controllers, this includes their new headset and the controller’s interaction with the new Kinect. Microsoft has yet to confirm the pricing for the new pads, but expect them to be in the region of £40- £50 at launch.

Overall we are not overly happy about the lack of backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360,  we hope some developers will set out to re-make some of the better Live games for the new console, but we won’t hold our breath!Well we won’t lie, here at Buy Xbox One UK we expected the new Xbox One to be fully compatible with old content available on the 360.  It turns out we were wrong, the new Xbox One will not feature any backwards compatibility for existing Xbox 360 games. So if you do decide to buy an Xbox One will you keep your original Xbox 360?

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Rumors are flying around the internet about a few topics Microsoft didn’t cover in their E3 games fest! One of the major topics is how will Xbox Live work once the Xbox One is available to buy in November. Well it looks like they have some pretty major changes on the way, they claim to have “rebuild live from the ground up” and it has opened up some changes which all fans have been waiting to hear about.


Live is getting more social, to start with the maximum number of friends you are allowed to add has been extended to 1,000. The extension is great, maybe over the years, on the Xbox 360, you have managed to cap your list, well good news you can now add more, you greedy people! You contact list will now also be stored in the cloud so you can still access it from a friend’s house, it will also update your Xbox 360 friends list if you do decide to load up your old console, which I think is a nice touch.

Xbox One Live Monthly Fee

Xbox Live will remain free and will still provide a wide and varied back catalogue of gaming content and media, and the Gold price will not change, and to be honest I would be surprised to see a price increase for some time to come, your existing gold subscription will transfer across to your new console and you will be able to access your gold on the old Xbox too, which means at least you only ever need to pay for one subscription.

Cloud Storage

The Xbox One will require games purchased on disc to be installed, this installation is stored in the “cloud” which means if you visit a friend’s house and log in to live you will be able to play all of your games straight from his console without the disc. This includes saved games, trailers and other downloads. Your cloud storage space is unlimited and anything you save within the cloud will be accessible from any location. Q:      Will Xbox Live remain the same on Xbox 360? Do you plan to continue improving the service on Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 Gamertag for Xbox One

You have a choice with this, you can carry over your old Gamertag to your new console or if you choose you can create a new one, it all depends if you want a fresh start in the new world? Of course if you choose to keep your profile, which I am sure most will, you can carry over your achievements and Gamescore. Oh, and if you do decide to keep your Gamertag you can still carry on using it on your Xbox 360, so don’t worry about that either.

The End of Points

Microsoft have decided to put an end to points, and instead will sell in local currencies, I think this is a change that will be welcomed by most customers, it makes it much easier to understand what your spending and it means you don’t have to mess about with odd amounts of points which might be left over from your purchase. If you have points remaining you will receive a full refund calculated when this change takes place. It’s all due to happen when you can Buy Xbox One in Autumn 2013.

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*Edit*: Since the publication of this article here at Buy Xbox One UK, Microsoft have made a U-turn about the DRM methods we mentioned here. You can find our updated story here: Buy Xbox One UK DRM News

So if you’ve been visiting over the past few days you will clearly be able to see our site new site is building around you, we apologise for this but we are so keen to start covering the exciting news we just couldn’t wait until the site has the polish it deserves!

There has  been interesting developments with Microsoft’s latest outing. They have started to confirm details about their new digital rights management system. Basically who you can and can’t share your games with! Right now it appears the rules will be a little more complicated than I personally expected.

You will be able to share a game with a friend, but said friend must have been on your contact list for at least 30 days. Oh and you can only ever do this once per game, I assume said friend would then have unlimted access to the game whilst your not using it? However it could however mean one instance, for example you may be able to lend Bob the new COD  but only for a limited time? It’s an interesting idea, almost like handing out demos to friends, I can’t think of a better way to sell more games than by letting your friends “try it out” for a couple of hours?

Then there is your “Xbox One Family” it seems you can choose up to ten people to join your family, and family members will have full access to your content, now we assume this means videos, photos, TV but not sure how it will work with games? More details should follow shortly.

Perhaps I have misunderstood elements of their plan and there may be more to it than this, but hopefully Microsoft will confirm the details over the next few days.  Long story short gone are the days of lending your friend the new Tomb Raider to complete solo over a couple of weeks. It also adds complications to the second hand game market; it could be the blow that finishes more UK games retailers.


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