Xbox One Sales Double in June 2014

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The relatively new Xbox One is still slightly struggling to compete with its rival the PlayStation 4 in both sales and general popularity, however, last month (June 2014) was a great month for Microsoft's latest console, they saw am impressive sales jump of more than double, chances are the largest boost came because they started supplying the new Xbox One without a Kinect.

As most of you will know, the Kinect is the element of the console which allows the user to control and interact the console using voice commands and control gestures.

Originally at E3 2013 Microsoft had announced that the console would not operate at all without the Kinect accessories attached to the main device. However after pressures from the community regarding privacy and pricing Microsoft have now finally decided to back down form this condition and are now allowing users to purchase the device without Kinect. This now means that the Kinect is optional in the same way it is for the previous generation of Xbox, the Xbox 360.

This news was quickly followed by announcements that the Xbox One would now be available at a more affordable retail price without Kinect. Don't forget you can find the latest Xbox One Prices on our homepage.

Originally, the head Microsoft's Xbox division, Phil Spencer, said "Kinect remained an important part of Microsoft's vision, but that the company was responding to demand from gamers for more options in their hardware selection." Clearly Microsoft are taking feedback on board and hence their reason to offer a better value option to gamers.

And it seems to have worked, Microsoft have now reported that the decision to allow a Kinect free console bundle had prompted "a strong spike in interest" in the Xbox One, hence the sharp increase in sales and demand.

"We’re excited to welcome so many fans to Xbox this summer and we can’t wait for them to get their hands on the wide selection of new games available this year on Xbox One,"  Microsoft said in their recent online posts.

"Gamers love the holidays and we are lining up incredible deals and special promotions to celebrate." Hinting at possible upcoming holiday deals? GTA 5 bundle anyone?

The news comes ahead of market research company NPD Group's June report on the games industry. According to their latest sales figures, the more popular Playstation 4 console, which costs £350, has beaten the Xbox One in console sales for five straight months.

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