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Just three months since the launch of the next-generation Xbox One in the UK Microsoft have announced that as of Friday 28th February there will be a price drop on the retail price of the console effective in the UK only. It will see the price of the console dropped to just £399 which incredibly will also include a digital copy of the upcoming title Titanfall. For the latest Xbox One price comparison check out our homepage. Most retailers have also decided to reduce the Fifa 14 bundle to just £399.99 too so if you would prefer Fifa 14 rather than Titanfall then you could consider this option.

You can order the bundled console at it's reduced price now, Amazon list their release date as 14th March but because the product is a digital download we expect this could be brought forward to coincide with the price reduction due very shortly. If you're not bothered about the Titanfall version then you're in luck, Amazon have already reduced the price of the console a couple of days before the official reduction takes effect, allowing you to pick it up today.

Of course it still comes packaged with everything you expect; a Kinect sensor, standard Xbox One wireless controller, standard Xbox One Chat Headset, one month of Xbox Live Gold membership plus the free digital copy of Titanfall.

The inclusion of the downloadable Titanfall indicates that are keen to encourage more users and puts the console into a better position when it comes to fighting off the Playstation 4 which to date has sold many more units than the Xbox One. When you consider that the hardware is more expensive to produce, mainly due to the inclusion of the Kinect system, this is a brave move from Microsoft which they are probably hoping is not copied too quickly by their rivals.

All we know is that this means we can get the best console on the market for £30 cheaper and it now comes bundled with a free game, something which most console fans will be pleased with. Titanfall itself looks amazing we have been raving about it since we first came across the trailer, shortly after last years E3, the graphics are impressive and the storyline looks just as good.

We guess since you are here, reading this, you have an interest in picking up the new console, we hope this price change makes them a little more affordable. If this price drop still isn't enough to tempt you to purchase the next generation console then you might change your mind once you see the Titanfall trailer below:

If you want to ensure that you are enjoying your new console on the best TV for Xbox One then check out our full overview of the best choices in our recent review.

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