Xbox One Is Not Microsoft's Last Console

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The folks over at Digital Spy UK have reported that Microsoft Studio boss, Phil Spencer, has revealed via Twitter that the new Xbox One console will not be Microsft's last console.  This suggests that Microsoft are still looking to develop further consoles, when asked if this is the last console as we know it he replied “ hardware will continue to play an important role”

He does not dismiss the role of hardware in rendering games but we think that the next console will take advantage of cloud driven technology, and we think this is the most likely shift in development as it becomes more practical to take advantage of cloud computing through fast speed broadband connections.

Potentially this frees developers from their usual restraints in terms of hardware, but does put more pressure on consumers to upgrade their broadband to cope with the requirements and as resolutions of TV's move into 4K the bandwidth required to render and stream this video will increase further.

When asked specifically about the future of cloud gaming, he pointed towards smartphones, which are connected to faster networks and have access to more cloud servers, but still improve hardware for each new generation. Indicating that Microsoft do intend to improve hardware as well as cloud technologies.

Microsoft have already suggest that the Xbox One will have a long lifespan, suggesting that new new features and functions will be added as time goes on. Using the power of their servers, Microsoft are able to develop the Xbox One's ecosystem and improve its performance even after release.

We are excited to see how games take advantage of this and hope that in the future the hardware will reduce in price as the dependence on the cloud increases, of course someone will have to pay for this and it is more than likely this will include a subscription service as games become heavily dependent on the technologies. This could lead to a subscription based service for each game, or even a new Xbox Live Platinum subscription.

The Xbox One sold over 3 million units in the last quarter of 2013, this includes an impressive 2 million units within 18 days of it's release in November, unfortunately for the developers the PlayStation 4 out sold the console overall. If you have yet to buy Xbox One then check out our homepage for the latest places to find them at the best price.

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