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It has been over 6 months since the release of the Xbox One console, and since the shelves have filled with a wide range of games to suite everyone's tastes. Here you will find our all out guide to the top five Xbox One games for 2014. Ideal as a gift for a gaming mad loved one or just to treat yourself, we've also find you some great discounts from our selected retailers to make sure find the best deal Xbox one games available online!

We've tried hard to include some fun all round family games too, so we hope you will find something you love in our selection. If your still using an older TV we would highly suggest you check our our guide to the The Best TV for Xbox One we have included a whole range of choices and we are sure you will find the best one for you.

Top 5 Best Xbox One Games

1. Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One

Buy Dead Rising 3 Xbox OneDead Rising 3, if you haven't guessed already is our best Xbox One game, put simply we love it, the open action sandbox title brings the undead to life and with the improved graphics engine and a noticeable increase in the Xbox One's hardware the game looks and feels amazing. It manages to retain its comical appeal from the previous two Dead Rising titles and it's dark twisted storyline continues to impress. It's strange to play a Zombie game which still feels fresh, after years of movies & games it is difficult to find anything which is unique but Dead Rising 3 manages to do this even after the first full play through, although this isn't that surprising when you consider that the game's maps are three times larger than those found in the original title. 

If you're a fan of the Dead Rising series then this is bound to please, if you have never tried it then you should give it a go, we are sure you'll love it!

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2. Fifa 14 for Xbox One 

Fifa 14 Xbox One Game

When it comes down to features Fifa 14 is quite similar to Fifa 13, all the classics are back including Career mode, multiplayer, Ultimate Team and standard quick match. The game engine itself has been tweaked but the major upgrade is from the hardware itself, the Xbox One version performs excellently and the speed is improved. Of course the selection of teams is as vast as ever and the players look as impressive as ever. Love it or hate it Ultimate Team hasn't changed all that much, again a few tweaks here and there but in my opinion not much needed to change anyway.

Fifa 14 is an enjoyable play and it was a close second for our choice for the best Xbox One game, we highly suggest you give it a try!

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3. Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox One

Call of Duty Ghosts Xmas PresentDespite coming third in our selection of great Xbox One games Call of Duty is a solid game, it is graphically superior to previous titles and the single player storyline is great. Take the action on-line with an impressive line up of weapons, side arms and perks across a range of well build tactical maps. Combing the game with a headset is a great way to make sure your commands are clear, allowing you to lead your team to victory in the pressure of war.

If you enjoyed previous Call of Duty titles then we highly suggest you give it a try, the title has enjoyed massive success and with good reason, it really is one of the best shooter games of our generation.

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4. Forza Motorsport 5 for Xbox One

Forza 5 Xbox One Christmas PresentForza Motorsport is an excellent Xbox One title, featuring the new Drivatar system which adapts to your play style as well as other users from your friends list to generate varied AI, the AI will imitate reactions, responses and even mistakes to create unique competitors for you to race against. This impressive new system really adds a new dimension to the game keeping it fresh and unique each time you race. The range of cars available is impressive and the graphics really shine on the Xbox One, the game definitely benefits from a great TV, and you can find our top choices in our Best TV for Xbox One Guide.

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5. Lego Marvel Super Heroes for Xbox One

lego-marvel-xbox-oneIf you can remeber playing with Lego from your childhood then this game will bring it all back, designed to play with children over seven it's a great way to enjoy some games time with your kids, if your looking for the best family Xbox One game then this is a fantastic choice. The bright vibrant colours make the graphics look great and the interchangable charcters keep the pace of the game quick, with multiple ways to solve even the most simple problems it won't take long for you and your family to progress through the game. It's great fun and we loved playing it!

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We hope you've found the perfect Xbox One game for you and if your're looking for an accessories as a gift, or just want to make sure you get the best deal check our out full review of the Best Accessories for Xbox One you'll find our top five reccomendations and more.

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