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If you're looking for the best Xbox One Accessories you've come to the right place, we have a wide selection of console peripherals to improve your gaming performance. From the best Xbox One Controller to the Best Xbox One Gaming Chair we have put together this list to make sure you get the most out of your new console.

You may notice our list doesn't include a full range of Xbox One gaming headsets, however as these new models are released stay tuned and we will cover our top choices in a full review. In the meantime if you need a headset for late night silent gaming we would recommend the official headset which includes a fully compatible microphone at a very affordable price, other headsets available will only provide headphones and you are still required to use the Kinect microphone.

If you haven't managed to get hold of your new console you can find buy Xbox One at the best price in the UK from our selection of online retailers.

Top 5 Xbox One Accessories 

1. XO4 Turtle Beach Headset

XO4-Xbox-One-Gaming-HeadsetXbox One gaming headsets are still in development and there currently isn't a massive choice but you can be sure to rely on Turtle Beach to produce one of quality, you can pick a Xbox 360 headset and use the microphone available with the Kinect, but we prefer the look of this headset for all your late night gaming sessions, and until the full range new gaming headsets become available this is the best Xbox One accessory.

The microphone included with the headset is much better if you play your Xbox in a shared space with friends or family chatting around you, and it's really easy to set-up too! If you're playing co-op games on-line then this will allow you to make sure everything you say is heard clearly. If your looking for a gift then this is a great choice, it's very affordable and really handy if you don't like shouting at your TV screen from a distance.

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2. Xbox One Wireless Controller

Xbox One ControllerLoads of games available for the new Xbox One console include an offline and on-line co-operative modes, having two controllers will mean you can enjoy these games at home with friends or family. The controller is currently only available in black, however you can get silicon slip on covers for the new pads which allow you to customise the appearance of each, this is great if you share your console with a sibling and want to make sure you can keep your pad safe. You can find a range of covers here.

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3. Wireless Controller Charging Unit 

Xbox One Charging Kit from Amazon UKThis charging unit allows you to play and charge at the same time, great if you always forget to charge your controller, and perfect for those who don't leave their Xbox One plugged in after use. The pack includes a set of re-chargeable batteries which only take an impressive four hours to charge. The pack is a great gift for a relative or friend and they are very affordable, don't forget Amazon offer a gift wrap service if you prefer the easy option. Overall we think this is a great Xbox One accessory. 

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  4. Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Built in Subwoofer

Xbox One Gaming Chair

The perfect choice for any gamer, a little more expensive than our other choices but this chair includes a build-in subwoofer for awesome sound quality as well as offering all round comfort for those long night gaming sessions. The chair offers surround sound which is an excellent choice for games like Call of Duty where it's important to know where your enemy is. It is also great for making horror titles more engrossing, I personally used this chair during a recent Dead Rising 3 play through with impressive results. I would highly recommend this chair to anyone who needs a serious gaming chair! It is one of the best Xbox One accessories.

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 5. Xbox Live Subscription

Xbox One Live Credit

If you have an Xbox console and don't have an Xbox One Gold subscription then you're missing out, allowing access to online gaming it really is a must. As well as the online multiplayer access you can also view streaming videos and trailers as well as access the latest demo's and arcade games. Strictly it might not be an Xbox One accessory but it is an essential purchase to make the most out of your new console. To get the best value we would recommend you go for the 12-month version.

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So that's our round-up of the top five best Xbox One accessories that are available in Q1 of 2014, there is loads more to come including steering wheels, gaming headsets and of course a whole line-up of amazing games titles. If you want to stay updated with the latest developments check back soon for more reviews and Xbox One coverage.

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