The Best Xbox One TV in the US

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     Xbox One TV UK Version If you're from the UK you can find our UK Xbox One TV Guide here. 

So you're looking for the best TV for Xbox One in the US? You need the best refresh rates and the most reduced input lag you can find to make sure your gaming experience is perfect. We have selected Amazon as one of the most reputable online retailers and the links included will help you find the latest prices. If you want to know how we picked these choices you can find out more in our UK Best Xbox One TV Guide.

Xbox One 4K TV Compatibility

4K Support - Let's just clear this up before we start, currently the Xbox One only supports 4k output resolution for videos and images, it does not support this resolution for gaming, mainly because there are no games available yet, however going forward full support will be included. Therefore only out top choice is a 4K TV, however Amazon do have a large selection and you can find the full range here.

Top 5 Best Xbox One TVs in the US

So here is our selection of the best Xbox One TV's for those who can't afford to go out and spend all that money on a 4K option, they all offer some excellent features and we are sure you will find one you love!

1. LG 55" LED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

LG 55 4K HDTV Ultra High Resolution US1This 4K HD television is really impressive, it is also the most expensive choice on our list but the features more than make up for the additional cost, we think this is the best choice to ensure your new TV is future-proof. The screen displays images at an incredible resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and the picture quality is beyond anything we have ever seen, it's really like seeing HD for the first time all over again, therefore anything you watch on this screen will blow you away.

it might be expensive but if you want the online edge then this is the best choice for you, the color is amazing and the level of detail in high action games is more than you will ever need.

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2. Sony 47” LED HD 1080p HDTV


This is a great TV choice for your new console, with Dynamic Edge LED technologies each area of the screen has the ability to brighten or dim to enchance the contrast and to provide truly vibrant color. It offers ultra realistic movment flow to make sure you get the most from your games and a feature called X-reality pro adds image clarity and depth to everything you watch, drawing from an intelligent database it also adjusts tones for an improved picture quality.

It makes this TV ideal for sprinting on Fifa 14 and for flying through the air in Battlefield 4, it makes everything look much more smooth. We think a 47” screen is more than enough for most games, if you prefer a larger screen but want to maintain quality you should really consider the 4K options available.

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3. LG 55" LED HD 1080p 3D Smart TV

LG 240mhz 55 inch LED TV US3

This TV is excellent, the size and quality go hand in hand. This larger 55” TV comes included with 6 pairs of 3D glasses and a full HD 1080p screen, as well as this the 240mhz refresh rate is enough for a smooth, crisp gaming experience. The reduced input lag compared to older LG models is noticeable.

The screen itself offers excellent contrast and very clear color, games like Call of Duty play great with these LED screens, the level of detail is impressive. It also includes a duel core processor which means the TV operates smoothly and speed will never be an issue, it is also compatible with the magic motion remote control which acts as a mouse for your TV, making it easy to use the internet even when your Xbox One is switched off. It also offers 3D up-scaling.

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4. Samsung 60" LED HD 3D 1080p Smart TV 


If your looking for a larger screen then this Samsung 1080p 3D 60” TV is perfect for your new Xbox One, it uses a 120mhz and Samsung's “HyperReal Engine” to produce ultra quality images on screen. This is great for gaming and a fantastic way to ensure smooth, flowing action. With build-in smart TV capabilities you can watch the latest movies at the touch of a button even without your Xbox One.

It also includes an impressive 4 HDMI connections which means if you don't intend to use the Xbox One pass through you can still connect your devices without the need for an adaptor. The built-in Dual core processor makes using the TV a pleasure, it's fast, responsive and includes some excellent reviews to support this.

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5. Panasonic VIERA 55-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV

Panasonic-55-1080p-600Hz-3D-PLasma-ScreenAt 55” this plasma television is reasonabe but it features everything you need to use your Xbox One and it's massive 600mhz high refresh rate is more than enough to handle even the most intense of action plus the build in technology offers fantastic quality black.

The picture quality really stands out on this model, the colours are more vibrant and they have done a great job of producing dark black areas which is great when your playing online games like Call of Duty. The TV itself includes 3D and has smart TV technologies.

It's a great choice if you prefer plasma over LED, and if you're not looking for a 4K option.

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All of the TV's above will provide you with years of pleasures when used alongside your Xbox One, we would of course recommend the 4K option but if you can't quite stretch to that we hope you have found something suitable for your needs. Don't forget to call back for all of our latest recommendations soon!

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