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 You can find our US Xbox One TV Guide here.

So you've managed to get hold of your new next-generation console and now you need to know which is the best TV for the Xbox One, and where to find it at the best price in the UK. Our guide will help you find the perfect combination without any hassle, you might also be interested in a FREE 42" HDTV when you sign up for one of the great deals over at Phones4U, we suggest the Windows Smartphone which can be used as a second screen device for your Xbox One.

There are lots of things which are important when you're considering all the options but below you will see a range of things to keep an eye out for plus a selection of TVs which in the UK include everything you need! We hope you ifnd this guide helpful.

Where to buy a new TV for the Xbox One?

To begin with we've spend some time looking round to find the best online retailer to purchase your new TV from, and without a doubt we have found some great options, however the best by far is John Lewis, they offer an incredible FREE five year guarantee when you buy a new television plus they will price match any other UK retailer with their “never knowingly undersold” policy. 

When you are looking to find the best TV for your new Xbox One you need to make sure it includes some vital features, ideally the screen should be as large as you can afford, this allows you to make best use of the Kinetic features included with the new console, however a high quality more expensive 42” TV might be a better choice than a cheaper, less feature rich 55” Television, our guide includes a selection of different sizes and price ranges.

What makes a good TV for the Xbox One?

Full HD Display – This is a must when your looking for a new TV, a HD ready option which is a lower resolution than Full HD just won't produce the graphics your console is fully capable of, our top five selection includes only 1080p screens to make sure you get the most out of your next generation gaming experience.

Top Picture Quality & Refresh Rate – If your planning to use the screen to play the latest Xbox One games then a high level of detail is important, all of the screens we feature include the latest technologies to improve the quality of their output meaning you will be able to spot even the smallest change on the horizon in Battlefield 4. They all operate at 100mhz or above to ensure crisp detail is maintained even during fast paced action. A recent patch to the Xbox One has improved compabaility for different refresh rates.

Sound quality – Unfortunately flat panel TV's struggle with sound and unless the TV specifically mentions it don't expect much. Instead we would recommend purchasing an additional sound bar for the TV which will allow you to hear your gaming in much improved detailed. You can find a selection of suitable TV sound bars over on John Lewis's website.

4K Support? - Let's just clear this up before we start, currently the Xbox One does support a 4k resolution, which is the next generation of HD, however the support is currently limited to just video and still images, so games do not yet make full use of this feature,the 4k screens are available and you can find a good choice below, but for the price they don't offer great value and you would be better going for a top of the line LED TV for now.

The Ultimate Xbox One 4K Television

LG 55" LED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV

the-ultimate-xbox-one-tvThis TV is absolutely amazing, but it does cost almost £3000, we have included it because the Xbox One does support 4k video and so if you want to ensure your choice is totally future-proof then this is a fantastic choice. The screen has an incredible resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and the picture quality is outstanding, anything you watch on this screen will blow you away.

Of course we know that for most of our readers this television is out of reach but in a few years time the prices will come down and just to see a glimpse of what is to come is impressive. Microsoft will no doubt push for development of games which make use of the new resolutions but in the mean time the high quality video will keep you busy.

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Top 5 Best Xbox One TVs

So here is our selection of the best Xbox One TV's for those who can't afford to go out and spend £3000, they all offer some excellent features and we are sure you will find one you love!

1. Sony Bravia 42” LED HD 1080p Smart TV – KDL42W654

sony bravia 42 LED the best xbox one tvThis is a fantastic TV choice for your Xbox One, with Dynamic Edge LED each area of the screen dims or brightens for enhanced contrast and more natural colours. It includes a bass reflex speaker for deeper more natural sound and a new feature called X-reality pro adds image clarity and depth to all of your games, drawing from an intelligent database it adjusts tones for an improved picture quality. 

Running at an incredible 200mhz you will never see a single screen tear again, ideal for sprinting on Fifa 14 and for flying through the skies in Battlefield 4, it makes everything look smoother and more crisp. We think a 42” screen is more than enough for most rooms, and it's a much better idea to go for a TV with fantastic quality over a larger screen.

The TV itself also has built-in Wi-Fi with smart TV capabilities, this means even without your Xbox One switched on you can still enjoy on-demand catch up and other great features, perfect for the bedroom. It also features 2 HDMI ports and the stand also doubles as a wall-mounting bracket.This TV does not support 3D, but it does offer great value for money, excellent features and an amazing 5 year guarantee from John Lewis. 

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2. LG 55" LED HD 1080p 3D Smart TV - 55LA620V

LG 55 LED 3D TV Gaming ScreenThis TV is amazing, and although the Xbox One does not currently support 3D it will with an upcoming patch, since these TV's come with a FREE five year guarantee you should consider it to future-proof your purchase. This larger 55” TV comes included with 4 pairs of 3D glasses and a full HD 1080p screen, as well as this the 100mhz refresh rate is enough for a smooth, crisp gaming experience.

The screen itself offers excellent contrast and vibrant colours, it will bring undead masses in Dead Rising 3 to “life”. It features a duel core processor so speed will never be an issue, it is also compatible with the magic motion remote control which acts as a mouse for your TV, making it easy to use the internet even when your Xbox One is switched off. It also offers 3D up-scaling.

Used in combination with the camera which is included with Kinect you can make Skype calls for free over the internet on this massive screen without the need for any other equipment, ideal for keeping up with family and friends.

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3. Samsung 32" LED HD 1080p Smart TV - UE32F5500

Samsung 32 LED HD TV Xbox One ConsoleIf your looking for a smaller screen then this Samsung 1080p 32” TV is perfect for your Xbox One, it uses a 100mhz frequency and their “HyperReal Engine” to produce high quality on screen display even when the action is intense. Again it includes wireless smart TV allowing you to connect to -on-demand and social media services.

It also includes an impressive 3 HDMI connections which means if you don't intend to use the Xbox One pass through you can still connect your devices without the need for an adaptor. The built-in Dual core processor makes using the TV a pleasure, it's fast, responsive and includes some excellent reviews to support this. It's the most affordable Xbox One TV in our list but it holds some excellent technology and gives a great gaming experience.

The colour is both realistic and vibrant and with different display options you can quickly and easily customise this TV to best suite your needs.We would however suggest that you might need a sound bar to get the most out of it, because as with lots of more affordable televisions the sound quality isn't amazing.

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4. LG 47" LED HD 1080p Smart TV - 47LN575V

LG 47 LED HD 1080p console televisionAt 47” this television comes at a price, but it does features 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports which makes it an excellent media hub if you have more than one console. It's high refresh rate is more than enough to cope with a Xbox One games and its precise backlit LED panel offers both a dazzling and crisp on-screen display.

The picture quality really stands out on this model, the colours are more vibrant and they have done a great job of producing dark black areas which is great when your playing online games like Call of Duty. The TV itself includes built-in Freeview plus Wi-Fi enabled smart TV services, allowing you to easily watch the best UK catch-up TV at the touch of a button with no additional cables.

The LED screens means that the design is really slim, it's perfect as a wall-mounted TV, saving you even more space in your living room. Don't forget that all the TV's included here come with the John Lewis' five year guarantee for your added peace of mind.

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5. Sony 40" Bravia LED HD 1080p TV - KDL40R473

sony bravia 40 LED TV Xbox OneThis Sony Bravia 40” LED TV is great for Xbox One console gaming, it includes clear resolution enhancer technologies for a crisp high contrast viewing screen, it includes 1080p HD and wired mirroring, allowing you to connect your smart phone to the screen and stream high quality video quickly and easily.

The fine level of detail is perfect for gaming as it means you don't miss a thing, even long distance objects in Battlefield 4 render in high quality, and so combing this with the power of your Xbox One is ideal.The LED back-light provides bright vivid colours on this energy efficient screen, it allows allows for a super slim design which looks great in any living room. The 100mhz screen is perfect for fast action gaming and Forza 5 really takes advantage of modern screens to produce realistic, high quality graphics.

The Sony Bravia only features two HDMI ports, but don't worry because you can always pass additional video through your Xbox One. It also features a USB connection and built-in Freeview.

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So we hope you've found the best TV for Xbox One and if you decide to go for it then we hope you enjoy your purchase for years to come, and at least with John Lewis you know that will be at the very least five years. 

John Lewis recently released their 2013 Christmas campaign and it's caught the imagination of the nation, causing Lilly Allen's cover “Somewhere Only We Know” to rocket to number one. Their successful campaign is supported by their fanatic customer service, their free extended guarantees and impressive 28 day online price match promise. 

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