Top Ten Xbox One Christmas Gifts

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The Best Xbox One Games and Accessories for Christmas

Below you will find our list of the top ten Xbox One Christmas gifts and ideas, we have sorted through all the available options and we know you'll find the perfect Christmas gift. Our most affordable option is the Xbox One Live credit right up to the console itself. We hope you find something you love. Don't forget Amazon UK offer a giftwrap service which is an ideal way to save you time in the runup to the festive seasons. Merry Christmas!

Christmas and Gift Ideas

1. Xbox One Console - Various Prices


Ok, so really this is a given, but if you don't already have one it is going to be really tough to get hold of one in time, eBay is probably the best place to start, all the online retailers we've checked, and there is loads, are now sold out until January. There is also Amazon Marketplace but we found eBay had the most affordable Xbox One bundles. If you are lucky enough to have one lets have a look at the top ten Xbox One games and accessories available.


2. Official Xbox One Headset - £19.99

Xbox One Gaming HeadsetReleased on the 13th December this is the ideal, affordable Christmas gift for those lucky enough to have got hold of the new Xbox One. As a gift It's much cheaper than a second controller, but is almost as useful, it allows players to communicate during gaming, a must for all popular online co-op games. It's currently available for £19.99 here.



3. Xbox One Wireless Controller - £44.00

Xbox One ControllerAt the same price as a game this additional wireless controller is an excellent choice if you need a gift for a family, no doubt that without a second controller there will be arguing about whose turn it is to play. With two controllers most Xbox One games allow for co-operative gaming or at least split screen options. If you're looking to spend a little more why not get the bundle which includes a charger too. You can pick up a Xbox One wireless controller for £44 here.


4. Dead Rising 3 - Xbox One Game - £44.99

Buy Dead Rising 3 Xbox OneIn the third part of the already very successful series we see the return of the dark humor which makes Dead Rising so unique, it's dark, twisted and still very comical. The sandbox is now around three times larger than the original and game play is amazing, we would highly recommend this for anyone over the age of 18. If you just can't wait to play Dead Rising 3 you can order it today here.


5. Wireless Controller Charging Unit - £14.99

Xbox One Charging KitThe second most affordable option on our list of popular Christmas gifts, and again a very useful addition for anyone who already owns an Xbox One, you will never need to replace your controller batteries again. This kit includes everything you need to play and charge at the same time, and the rechargeable battery included takes just 4 hours to fully charge. Fed up of changing batteries? Pick up the better option now.


6. Fifa 14 - £45.93

Fifa 14 Xbox One GameA popular choice amongst sports fans, Fifa 14 takes online football to a new level, with some great additional features this Xbox One Game will keep fans happy for hours! The match engine stands out from the rest and this is the best football game out for the Xbox One We would recommend grabbing this whilst you can because stocks are already beginning to run low.


7. Xbox Live Credit - From £12.99 for three months

Xbox One Live CreditIf you're really stuck for ideas or want to make sure you get something affordable, but essential then Xbox One Live credit is a must! Allowing gamers to access online multiplayer as well as the latest demos and more. We promise the Xbox one owner you're buying for will be really happy with this gift. You can also go for the 12-month version for £47.27.



8. Forza Motorsport 5 - £44.99

Forza 5 Xbox One Christmas PresentAny racing fan will love this version of the Forza Motorsport series, the graphics on the new Xbox One look amazing and range of cars to choose from is impressive. The new Drivatar system learns how you and your friends drive, and the power of the cloud delivers opponents mimicking real human behavior, mistakes and all. Get behind the wheel today!



9. Call of Duty: Ghosts - Xbox One £48

Call of Duty Ghosts Xmas PresentCall of Duty: Ghosts got off to great success when it launched on the previous generation of consoles, the Xbox One version is graphically superior and runs at an improved frame rate, the action is just as amazing and we would highly recommend it as a great choice for all shoot-em up fans! Stock is running low already, secure your copy before Christmas now!



10. Wireless Foldable Gaming Chair with Built in Subwoofer- £138.79

Xbox One Gaming ChairGame in style with this top of the line gaming chair, it's a great choice if you have a little more to spend, it might be overkill but we thought we would suggest it anyway. The surround sound speakers and built-in subwoofer are perfect for playing horror or shoot-em up games allowing you to hear exactly where the action is coming from. Play in style today!


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