Where To Buy A New Xbox One Before Christmas

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The launch day for has now been and gone, and with stocks running low around the UK now is the time to make sure you order your Xbox One before Christmas! Traditional retailers have all but run out and with Amazon now quoting January for their next deliveries people are starting to worry that they will not be able to get hold of one in time for Christmas. However there are still consoles available from people lucky enough to own one, of all the options available eBay have the best selection of reasonably priced auctions.

Where can you still get a new Xbox One before Christmas?

Right now there are two main options if you want to make sure you get your console before Christmas:

Buy a Xbox One before Christmas1. Ebay - As with most new consoles the demand has been much larger than production and delivery has allowed for, which means right now stock at UK retailers has run out or gone completely with all online retailers now quoting January 2014 as the delivery date. eBay's selection would appear to be the best option when it comes to availability and the best deals on bundles, there are other options but we would suggest if you can't wait then you should check out eBay first.

2. Amazon Market Place - Another popular choice with quite a few listings, and again they are reasonable in price especially if you shop around and look through the different bundles.  If you find a good price snap it up because they are selling quickly and there isn't long left to secure your purchase before the festive season. Check it out whilst there still reasonable.

So at the moment information about the next deliveries due to the UK is scarce, although Microsoft are producing their consoles from three factories rather than one which is the case for the PlayStation 4. However, you can still order one through popular auction sites such as Amazon Marketplace and Ebay, people are inflating the prices but at this point you are paying for the convenience of making sure you get your Xbox One in time for Christmas.

Unsurprisingly the majority of the ones available are the Day One version which comes included with an Xbox One game too, so don’t forget that these alone are worth around £50 anyway.

Purchase your new Xbox One Here

Ok so aside from eBay where else can you still order of the latest console, only the top two options offer delivery before Christmas:


Expected Delivery


Order Now

Ebay UK - Top ChoiceAvailable Now!VariousFind Now
Amazon MarketAvailable Now!VariousCheck Now
Amazon UK 7th January£429.99Buy Now
Zavvi31st December£449.99 Buy Now
Currys - Collect TommorowLimited Stock!£429.00Buy Now
Jacamo 10 Weeks£529.00

Buy Now

The HutOut of Stock£428.95

Buy Now

If you're not bothered about getting the console as soon as possible the suppliers below all have stock available to pre-order, or if they don’t you can still register an interest and they will be in touch as soon as stock is available.

Are stocks of Xbox One Games running low too?

No don’t worry it seems that Microsoft have had no trouble keeping up with supplies of their games, all of the popular launch times are still available from a range of places. The chart below shows our most popular choices and where you can still pick up your copy. Stay tuned for a more in-depth article coming shortly which will feature our highlights from the special offers available from certain retailers.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

The next generation version of one of the most recent shooter Call of Duty, it’s a particularly popular choice so as Christmas approaches you might want to make sure you get your copy ordered to avoid any disappointment, although stocks do seem to be fine at the moment and with more due to arrive in the UK shortly we don’t expect serious issues.

You can read more about the new Call of Duty Perk system here.

Dead Rising 3 The best UK Deal

Dead rising has always been a popular choice amongst Xbox gamers but this new title adds a whole new level of details to the series. The hordes of undead have never seemed to real and the graphical enhancements add to the overall depth. We would highly recommend this title as a gift for anyone who enjoys the genre, right now we think this is the best deal Dead Rising for Xbox One.

So now you know if you want to buy your Xbox One before Christmas then you need to make sure you check out eBay and Amazon UK for the latest pricing and availability information. Or if you would like to know more about the latest console you can find out more at Microsoft's site.

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