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In preparation for launch Infinity Ward have gone into the detail involved with the new perk system for Call of Duty: Ghosts, the first game in the long running series for next-generation systems which include MIcrosoft’s new Xbox One.

They claim the Call of Duty Ghosts perk system will offer an "incredible level of customization." It will include a choice of 35 perks which cost between 1 and 5 points to make use of them.

Each loadout includes a total of 8 points to spend on perks. However the default loadouts include primary, secondary, tactical and lethal weapons which all require 1 point each. Therefore if you wish you can take no weapons and have the full 12 points to spend on just perks, potentially spawning knife masters on public servers.

Infinity Ward explained "If you’re a Perk fanatic, you're welcome to forgo all weapons and equipment, starting each spawn with only a knife in your hand and 12 points' worth of perks. It's your choice," they said.

The developers also commented on the way players can unlock new and different perks, Infinity Ward explained that this is done in a couple of different ways. Firstly each perk is marked with a varying level and a squad point cost. Once players reach the listed level, the perk will be automatically unlocked. Players can unlock perks early by spending squad points for immediate access, Infinity Ward said.

The total of 35 perks in Call of Duty: Ghosts are categorised in seven different ways, this allows players to combine different perks in as many ways as they see fit to create a "near unlimited" number of possible variations.

These categories and just a couple of examples include:

  • Speed - faster reloading and faster movement whilst aiming
  • Handling - Reload whilst sprinting and increased hip fire accuracy
  • Stealth - kill enemies without revealing their death locations, resistant to targeting systems and no red crosshairs when targeted.
  • Awareness - Detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment, utilise all active enemy and friendly satcoms.
  • Resistance - Reduced weapon sway when aiming and reduced flinch when hit, increased resistance to explosive damage.
  • Equipment - Additional tactical, additional attachments.
  • Elite - A random perk on each spawn and sonar ping revealing enemies when you kill an enemy.

As the title laches we will cover all the perks in detail, in the meantime make sure you order your copy of Call of Duty Ghosts at the best price by checking out our buying guide here.

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