Microsoft Quickly Makes A U-turn Over Xbox One UK DRM

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Welcome back to Buy Xbox One UK, today we are covering the latest Xbox One News, a story which we first reported on around two weeks ago, and since our original post there has been a bit of a re-think over at Microsoft HQ regarding the Xbox One daily check-in system and the other DRM policies implemented for their new console.  

In what can only be described as a massive U-Turn the new Xbox One console will not feature DRM to the levels we first expected. After taking a huge beating at the hands of UK fans of the Xbox console through online media channels such as Twitter and Facebook Microsoft have decided enough is enough and earlier today their PR department desperately announced some changes to the new DRM System which we are sure will be greeted with massive support from gamers and fans alike throughout the UK.

So what’s new with the daily check-in system?

Well first off the daily check-in system has gone, however when you purchase a game you will still need to activate it online, but this is a one-time only action and once activated you will be able to enjoy the game as often as you like (single player) without the need for an internet connection. This is great news for those worried about their internet and network connections and their overall reliability.

What about second hand Xbox One Games?

Playing second hand games has returned to the same method we are used to seeing with the Xbox 360.  In other words you can trade with your friends like you always have; buying, selling or swapping is now back on the cards.  All of this is great news for all Xbox One users, but maybe more importantly it is amazing news for UK based second hand game stores such as Game UK and Gamestation. They might actually stand a small chance of still existing come the end of 2013.

So what happened to Microsoft’s dream?

Well put quite simply they were out-smarted by Sony. We honestly believe that Microsoft envisaged an era in gaming where the product sold to you on a disc is simply a delivery method, and the actual purchased licence would be tied to your console. Where you could buy Xbox One games through their market.
This would have opened up a possible market for online game sales, basically allowing you to sell your used games through a Microsoft created Ebay style auction, successful bids would then have the game transferred to the their account.
It was an interesting idea, but overall I think Microsoft has made a good choice in reversing their decision, and it is excellent news for those amongst us who don’t have a solid, reliable internet connection.Original Image credit: efdisaster



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