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Xbox One Box Art Xbox One Box Art Microsoft

Before we reach the final part of our E3 summary I just wanted to show you the Xbox One box art which was also unveiled recently by Microsoft. They always say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but right now we’re willing to judge them on anything we can get our hands on!

I think the box looks simple and elegant, the matt black finish reminds me a little of the original IPod packaging, which I feel adds a touch of class to the shelf appearance of the console. Compare this with how the second generation Xbox 360 console was packaged, the new generation version is  far more sleek, and generally  much less glossy and I think may be aimed a little more at the older gamer, and when I say the older gamer I guess what I mean really is anyone over the age of 25.

Graphically Microsoft have opted to use an effect known well to many Photoshop users, basically they have removed all colour with the exception of their iconic controller buttons, interestingly this includes using a white logo on black background rather than their green. It isn’t like Microsoft to mess with their logos too much but I like the change.

The highlight colour effect draws the eye, and whilst I appreciate this makes little or no difference to the end user’s choice about which console to purchase it might make the console more attractive in store displays.

Aside for the design Microsoft have predictably decided to show off their controller and console on the box art, no shockers there, personally I love the design of the console, but again not sure it will appeal to the younger console user but who knows again maybe this doesn’t matter too much. It feels a bit like all the consoles of this generation will feel more mature and grown up, this could be an attempt to keep hold of the existing console generation who are now maturing. You can see signs of this in the way they revealed the console before E3, focusing more on an all-round media device which ironically annoyed hard-core gamers rather than encouraging their interest.

Overall the console and box art is a little simpler an more sleek than I personally expected, there is no clutter amongst the artwork and the console itself wouldn’t look out of place alongside any PVR or Tivo box.  Hopefully this will encourage sales amongst older gamers who need something that will fit in with their wife (or husbands) tastes.

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