Xbox One: What Did E3 Tell Us? Part 2

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Welcome back, today we are looking at a handful of the other Xbox One games announced or trailered at E3 2013. We are looking forward to the games we featured in our last article, but the games below all have something special offer to the Xbox market.

The first game we cover is already a classic (in its own special way) it is of course:


One of the most popular indie games to hit the market ever, and I’m really excited to see it make an appearance on the Xbox One, of course the game is relatively old now, and never made use of amazing visuals. Hopefully though its appearance on the new console will lead to further development from the team and could we be hearing about Minecraft 2 shortly?

Battlefield 4

Battlefield is one of my favourite gaming series of all time. I played hours and hours on BF2142 and more recently played the PC version of Battlefield 3. The trailer for BF4 looks incredible, the map featured in the trailer will arrive on the Xbox One earlier than other platforms which is a nice perk. The console itself will run the game at incredible frame rates, and if the other maps feature visuals similar to the trailer I think this may well be favourite launch title.

We will be covering Battlefield 4 in more detail closer to launch.


Titanfall will be the debut title for new studio Respawn Entertainment. From what we have seen so far it looks like a title which will give any of the established titles a run for their money. At first glance I thought Halo, Half-life and Gears of War all mashed together, who can’t help but love the look of this game?

Finally for today we take a look at a title which has built some very solid Xbox support over the past couple of years.


No due to hit the console until 2014, we didn’t get to see any gameplay footage, however we did get the confirmation lots of Microsoft’s fans wanted to hear! Halo will return to Xbox within the next 12 – 18 months. Big news, received in a big way!

Image source: Titanfall Official Website

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