Dead Rising 3 zombies around carDead Rising 3 is by far the best horror title to join the launch titles you'll want to buy for Xbox One. It was officially announced on 10th June 2013, as part of E3 2013. The launch show included trailers for the new addition to the Dead Rising series, and shortly after the event the games developer Capcom released media screenshots of the game. The action all takes place ten years after the events from the previous game, and we have a new hero and location. His name, Nick Ramos, his previous occupation car mechanic, is new role: Apocalyptic Hero.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Explosion

The action moves to a city in Calaforina called Los Perdidos, with the storyline taking a “darker” touch. The new location provides a massive outdoor zone to explore with each area providing vast open spaces which are filled with hordes of rampaging zombies, each rendered in glorious detail. The debris in the areas tells a story on its own and the music showcased in the trailer added tension, depth and any eerie touch which really added to the game.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the signature dark humour which returns to the Xbox One game, an element which you can’t help you have enjoyed from Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2.

The gameplay itself returns to the usual and very popular sandbox style. Which we have grown to both expect and love from the original two Dead Rising titles, the huge open game play offers a wide variety of different ways to 

enjoy the game. The vast areas to explore offer a treasure trove of weapons which you can use in incredible ways. Explained simply if you’re struggling against a horde of vicious undead zombies and your table saw just instead providing enough “fire power” you can step up the strength by combining it with a sledgehammer to make your very own Hammer Saw.

Dead Rising 3 Hero Nick

There is an endless combination of weapons, 100’s in total, each with unique benefits, all great for certain situations and boy do you need it, with the greatly improved AI the zombies are a much more dangerous enemy than they were in previous Dead Rising games.

The game includes co-op which is great if you enjoy completing games with your friends, through Xbox One Live. You can team up with your buddy at any point throughout the game, and don’t worry any achievements; experience and progression you earn will be carried back to your own game.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One UK Stand Off

The Xbox One adds some interesting features to the game, for example using the power of Kinect the zombies will responds not only to noises your create in the game but also noises from your living room, personally I’m not sure how much I like that, but it could certainly add to the immersion of Capcom’s game.

One of the new features we love is Dead Rising 3’s integration into the Xbox Smartglass system, it allows you to use your phone or tablet as an in game PDA it displays your map, tracks objective progress and call in air strikes to use as defence against the army of undead you face. It provides in-game phone calls, text messages and live briefings. We love this idea and can’t wait to see how this game and others make use of this new feature.Dead Rising 3 open gameplay Xbox One UK

Overall we can’t wait to play the new Dead Rising 3, it’s going to be a great gaming experience, I mean who doesn’t enjoy smashing their way through zombies, the new Xbox Smartglass feature is a great addition and the Xbox One hardware provides a solid platform to bring the game alive. Capcom have done a great job developing this game, and we hope it lives up to expectations. It's worth a buy for sure!

If you would like to order Dead Rising 3 you can do this over at Amazon.

If you want to know more head over to Capcom's UK Site.
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