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Xbox One - UK Sales turn around?

When Microsoft announced their initial DRM plans, including new rules covering used games and an always on internet connection, the gaming community re-acted very badly. To be perfectly honest perhaps that is an under-statement, there was an uproar, gamers, geeks, parents and for some reason even some games developers were disappointed to hear the DRM news. Nobody wanted to buy the new Xbox One! Don't get me wrong there was support out there for Microsoft's decisions, some felt it would improve the quality of output from studios because of extra funding, some saw this as the Ebay or Steam of the console gaming world but most just saw the opportunity to take a dig at the development teams, and this includes Sony, who rather suprisingly brought not a single new DRM plan to the table. Perhaps Sony thought if they held out studios would have no choice but to implement something themselves, in a similar fashion to how EA treat second hand copies of Fifa for example. Whichever side of the argument you supported there was no doubt this drama affected UK sales of the new Xbox One console as it trailed behind in one of the best indicators of commercial intend and success, the Amazon best selling products listing.

Xbox One UK - U-Turn!

Since E3 however the Xbox One team has had a change of heart, either that or the PR department wouldn't leave them alone, and so the rules have no vanished, condemned to memory! This means you are now free to enjoy second hand and borrowed games as you wish! And what an amazing difference a day makes, once the DRM requirements were lifted the Xbox One skyrocketed up from the pathetically low position to the prized Amazon UK top spot, with pre-orders at one point outselling the PS4 in what can only be described as one of the greatest sales turn around in history, the console is currently back down to 11th, however the chart is updated often so this does naturally fluctuate.

Xbox One Headset

That's not the only thing that has changed either, the Xbox One will now come with a headset, and to be honest rightly so at that price! With a launch price of £429 the console needs to be bundled with additional extras to help justify the increased cost. The PlayStation 4 will always win on price and so Microsoft need to make sure they bundle the console correctly. Currently Microsoft are justifying the price based on their more expensive to produce Kinect system, which is understandable, however even this has incurred a few set backs, for example PC support has now been dropped for the Kinect and some people are a little worried that the addition of Kinect as a base feature of the system provides another piece of vital hardware which could potentially fail within the system.

Buy Xbox One UK

Here at Buy Xbox One UK we support the changes to the system, and the addition of extra bundled accessories and we look forward to hearing more from Microsoft about what these changes will mean to play-ability of the new console. To check the latest price and stock levels for the Xbox One at Amazon UK please use this link.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Preview

Dead Rising 3 zombies around carDead Rising 3 is by far the best horror title to join the launch titles you'll want to buy for Xbox One. It was officially announced on 10th June 2013, as part of E3 2013. The launch show included trailers for the new addition to the Dead Rising series, and shortly after the event the games developer Capcom released media screenshots of the game. The action all takes place ten years after the events from the previous game, and we have a new hero and location. His name, Nick Ramos, his previous occupation car mechanic, is new role: Apocalyptic Hero.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Explosion

The action moves to a city in Calaforina called Los Perdidos, with the storyline taking a “darker” touch. The new location provides a massive outdoor zone to explore with each area providing vast open spaces which are filled with hordes of rampaging zombies, each rendered in glorious detail. The debris in the areas tells a story on its own and the music showcased in the trailer added tension, depth and any eerie touch which really added to the game.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the signature dark humour which returns to the Xbox One game, an element which you can’t help you have enjoyed from Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2.

The gameplay itself returns to the usual and very popular sandbox style. Which we have grown to both expect and love from the original two Dead Rising titles, the huge open game play offers a wide variety of different ways to 

enjoy the game. The vast areas to explore offer a treasure trove of weapons which you can use in incredible ways. Explained simply if you’re struggling against a horde of vicious undead zombies and your table saw just instead providing enough “fire power” you can step up the strength by combining it with a sledgehammer to make your very own Hammer Saw.

Dead Rising 3 Hero Nick

There is an endless combination of weapons, 100’s in total, each with unique benefits, all great for certain situations and boy do you need it, with the greatly improved AI the zombies are a much more dangerous enemy than they were in previous Dead Rising games.

The game includes co-op which is great if you enjoy completing games with your friends, through Xbox One Live. You can team up with your buddy at any point throughout the game, and don’t worry any achievements; experience and progression you earn will be carried back to your own game.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One UK Stand Off

The Xbox One adds some interesting features to the game, for example using the power of Kinect the zombies will responds not only to noises your create in the game but also noises from your living room, personally I’m not sure how much I like that, but it could certainly add to the immersion of Capcom’s game.

One of the new features we love is Dead Rising 3’s integration into the Xbox Smartglass system, it allows you to use your phone or tablet as an in game PDA it displays your map, tracks objective progress and call in air strikes to use as defence against the army of undead you face. It provides in-game phone calls, text messages and live briefings. We love this idea and can’t wait to see how this game and others make use of this new feature.Dead Rising 3 open gameplay Xbox One UK

Overall we can’t wait to play the new Dead Rising 3, it’s going to be a great gaming experience, I mean who doesn’t enjoy smashing their way through zombies, the new Xbox Smartglass feature is a great addition and the Xbox One hardware provides a solid platform to bring the game alive. Capcom have done a great job developing this game, and we hope it lives up to expectations. It's worth a buy for sure!

If you would like to order Dead Rising 3 you can do this over at Amazon.

If you want to know more head over to Capcom's UK Site.

Xbox One Branding, Font and Design

After the Xbox Launch event Microsoft released information about their desired branding for the new Xbox One and any fan sites, press sites or sales site should meet certain expectations when making use of the Xbox One brand. If you are looking for a ready made template for your site there are some excellent choices here. With a little tweaking they will be perfect for your fan site.  So you've decided to start a site lets have a look at the brand guidelines, you should follow:

Xbox One Font

The Xbox One font is Segoe Pro Light and Regular. It is included with Windows 7+ but if you don't have it available you can download the font for free from Microsoft here. It’s free to use under the usual regulations so please don’t ever pay to download this font. Once you have the font you can install it by copying it into you Window’s font folder, if you need help locating this you will be able to find full instructions on Youtube.

Xbox One Colour Scheme (or if you’re American Xbox One Color Scheme)

Xbox One Font and Colour Scheme

As you can see from the image Microsoft have set out a range of colours which should be used when you begin to design your Xbox One site, or when you’re designing adverts and banners for the new Xbox One. The colours are all web friendly and you can also see their hex codes in the image. This image was originally published by Microsoft and is taken from their Xbox branding guidelines.

Designing for the Xbox One

When you sit down to design your banner or advert you need to consider the layout options which Microsoft have suggested. A 100% green fill should be used when displaying the console alongside the sensor. This basically means you need to fill your background with the Xbox One green hex colour: #107C10.

Layout is equally important, if you wish to include a screenshot or media content with your banner you also need to split the design into three parts. A fill green header spanning a height of 2.5% of the image, then the media content should fill the following 47.5%, the final 50% needs to be green fill. The final 50% can contain text and hardware the media section should use a media screenshot such as a game, or movie.

Using the Xbox One Logo

When you use the Xbox One logo within a banner or advert you need to make sure it is at least 20% width. Obviously preserving the aspect ratio of the logo provided.  Using the Microsoft logo you need to make sure it is not more than 50% of the height of the Xbox One Logo.

Using Text in Banners

Font Type: Segoe Pro Light and Regular

Font Size: You can adjust the text accordingly but make sure the text is clear and can be read with ease at your preferred sizes.

Placement: The text can appear in the green fill panel, it can appear alone or alongside hardware images.

Alignment: Text should be centred or justified where possible.

Case: You should use capitalised text sparingly, for example for small headings, the rest of the text needs to be sentence case.

If your new to designing websites then Theme Forest have a great selection of Wordpress and Joomla templates to get your started. If you need some help styling your new website template then we would highly suggest this as a great place to start if your even a little technically minded you will find it of interest, we're sure

If you found this short guide interesting or useful please let your friends know using Facebook or Twitter!


We do not offer official Xbox One Branding information, we have taken this information from the branding guidelines provided by Microsoft, before you begin designing we advise  you to read this document in full. It can be found on the official Microsoft website and offers full and concise info about designing for the Xbox One.

Microsoft Quickly Makes A U-turn Over Xbox One UK DRM

Welcome back to Buy Xbox One UK, today we are covering the latest Xbox One News, a story which we first reported on around two weeks ago, and since our original post there has been a bit of a re-think over at Microsoft HQ regarding the Xbox One daily check-in system and the other DRM policies implemented for their new console.  

In what can only be described as a massive U-Turn the new Xbox One console will not feature DRM to the levels we first expected. After taking a huge beating at the hands of UK fans of the Xbox console through online media channels such as Twitter and Facebook Microsoft have decided enough is enough and earlier today their PR department desperately announced some changes to the new DRM System which we are sure will be greeted with massive support from gamers and fans alike throughout the UK.

So what’s new with the daily check-in system?

Well first off the daily check-in system has gone, however when you purchase a game you will still need to activate it online, but this is a one-time only action and once activated you will be able to enjoy the game as often as you like (single player) without the need for an internet connection. This is great news for those worried about their internet and network connections and their overall reliability.

What about second hand Xbox One Games?

Playing second hand games has returned to the same method we are used to seeing with the Xbox 360.  In other words you can trade with your friends like you always have; buying, selling or swapping is now back on the cards.  All of this is great news for all Xbox One users, but maybe more importantly it is amazing news for UK based second hand game stores such as Game UK and Gamestation. They might actually stand a small chance of still existing come the end of 2013.

So what happened to Microsoft’s dream?

Well put quite simply they were out-smarted by Sony. We honestly believe that Microsoft envisaged an era in gaming where the product sold to you on a disc is simply a delivery method, and the actual purchased licence would be tied to your console. Where you could buy Xbox One games through their market.
This would have opened up a possible market for online game sales, basically allowing you to sell your used games through a Microsoft created Ebay style auction, successful bids would then have the game transferred to the their account.
It was an interesting idea, but overall I think Microsoft has made a good choice in reversing their decision, and it is excellent news for those amongst us who don’t have a solid, reliable internet connection.Original Image credit: efdisaster



Xbox One Will Not Have Any Backwards Compatibility

Well we won’t lie, here at Buy Xbox One UK we expected the new Xbox One to be fully compatible with old content available on the 360.  It turns out we were wrong, the new Xbox One will not feature any backwards compatibility for existing Xbox 360 games. Don't get us wrong we are sure you will still want to buy it!

They claim that the new console was built from the ground up and therefore the ability to make old games work with the new system would have been far too costly to implement. This will come as a disappointment to anyone who owns a 360 with a big catalogue of games because it means you can only play them whilst your old console keeps running and who knows how long it will survive for.

It also means all the games you have purchased through the existing Xbox Live will not longer work on your new device.  But on a brighter note you will have a whole range of shiny coffee cup mats to use!

All movie and music purchases will carry over to your new console, and once you are connected it will be available on both your new Xbox and your old 360. Although the new console has 500GB storage drive you can also store these movies in your new unlimited Xbox Cloud.  You can find our more about these features in our previous article here.

It isn’t clear yet if developers of popular indie games plan to remake these classics for the Xbox One, potentially those not working on ground breaking sequels might decide it is worth converting their older games into something usable on the new console. Of course expect them to charge you for the pleasure, and this is not something we are likely to see until at least the middle of next year.

So, we know old games won’t be backwards compatible but movies and media will be, so what about accessories? Well once again no surprises here, the new console will not work with old accessories it’s that simple. Basically they claim that the new accessories include new technologies which allow for faster transmission of data and more advanced plug-in additions for the controllers, this includes their new headset and the controller’s interaction with the new Kinect. Microsoft has yet to confirm the pricing for the new pads, but expect them to be in the region of £40- £50 at launch.

Overall we are not overly happy about the lack of backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360,  we hope some developers will set out to re-make some of the better Live games for the new console, but we won’t hold our breath!Well we won’t lie, here at Buy Xbox One UK we expected the new Xbox One to be fully compatible with old content available on the 360.  It turns out we were wrong, the new Xbox One will not feature any backwards compatibility for existing Xbox 360 games. So if you do decide to buy an Xbox One will you keep your original Xbox 360?

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