Xbox One Games Previews

Here you will find our range of Xbox One UK game reviews. Each of our reviews comes complete with the trailer, usually the one from E3 2013, and also the screenshots released by Microsoft as part of their launch campaign. All the images remain the property of their original publishers and are used here to showcase the games available for the new Xbox One in the UK. If you looking to Buy Xbox One UK you will find all of our pricing reviews here!

Dead Rising 3 is by far the best horror title to join the launch titles you'll want to buy for Xbox One. It was officially announced on 10th June 2013, as part of E3 2013. The launch show included trailers for the new addition to the Dead Rising series, and shortly after the event the games developer Capcom released media screenshots of the game. The action all takes place ten years after the events from the previous game, and we have a new hero and location. His name, Nick Ramos, his previous occupation car mechanic, is new role: Apocalyptic Hero. The action moves to a city in Calaforina called Los Perdidos, with the storyline taking a “darker” touch. The new location provides a massive outdoor zone to explore with each area providing vast open spaces which are filled with hordes of rampaging zombies, each rendered in glorious detail. The debris in the areas tells a story on its own and the music showcased in the trailer added tension, depth and any eerie touch which really added to the game.  Of course we can’t forget to mention the signature dark humour which returns to the Xbox One game, an element which…
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