After the Xbox Launch event Microsoft released information about their desired branding for the new Xbox One and any fan sites, press sites or sales site should meet certain expectations when making use of the Xbox One brand. If you are looking for a ready made template for your site there are some excellent choices here. With a little tweaking they will be perfect for your fan site.  So you've decided to start a site lets have a look at the brand guidelines, you should follow:

Xbox One Font

The Xbox One font is Segoe Pro Light and Regular. It is included with Windows 7+ but if you don't have it available you can download the font for free from Microsoft here. It’s free to use under the usual regulations so please don’t ever pay to download this font. Once you have the font you can install it by copying it into you Window’s font folder, if you need help locating this you will be able to find full instructions on Youtube.

Xbox One Colour Scheme (or if you’re American Xbox One Color Scheme)

Xbox One Font and Colour Scheme

As you can see from the image Microsoft have set out a range of colours which should be used when you begin to design your Xbox One site, or when you’re designing adverts and banners for the new Xbox One. The colours are all web friendly and you can also see their hex codes in the image. This image was originally published by Microsoft and is taken from their Xbox branding guidelines.

Designing for the Xbox One

When you sit down to design your banner or advert you need to consider the layout options which Microsoft have suggested. A 100% green fill should be used when displaying the console alongside the sensor. This basically means you need to fill your background with the Xbox One green hex colour: #107C10.

Layout is equally important, if you wish to include a screenshot or media content with your banner you also need to split the design into three parts. A fill green header spanning a height of 2.5% of the image, then the media content should fill the following 47.5%, the final 50% needs to be green fill. The final 50% can contain text and hardware the media section should use a media screenshot such as a game, or movie.

Using the Xbox One Logo

When you use the Xbox One logo within a banner or advert you need to make sure it is at least 20% width. Obviously preserving the aspect ratio of the logo provided.  Using the Microsoft logo you need to make sure it is not more than 50% of the height of the Xbox One Logo.

Using Text in Banners

Font Type: Segoe Pro Light and Regular

Font Size: You can adjust the text accordingly but make sure the text is clear and can be read with ease at your preferred sizes.

Placement: The text can appear in the green fill panel, it can appear alone or alongside hardware images.

Alignment: Text should be centred or justified where possible.

Case: You should use capitalised text sparingly, for example for small headings, the rest of the text needs to be sentence case.

If your new to designing websites then Theme Forest have a great selection of Wordpress and Joomla templates to get your started. If you need some help styling your new website template then we would highly suggest this as a great place to start if your even a little technically minded you will find it of interest, we're sure

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We do not offer official Xbox One Branding information, we have taken this information from the branding guidelines provided by Microsoft, before you begin designing we advise  you to read this document in full. It can be found on the official Microsoft website and offers full and concise info about designing for the Xbox One.

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Our next Xbox One review to help you Buy Xbox One in the UK covers Rakuten’s UK retailer, once again I don’t need to tell you who they are, they have long been established as a reliable UK online retailer. First of all the basics,’s pre-order service lists the Xbox One console with a release date, 30th November 2013, it is priced at £429.94.

You have the usual 4 delivery options available to you:

1. UK Free Delivery – 3-5 working days from dispatch

2. European Free Delivery -  7 – 10 working days from dispatch

3. UK First Class 2- 3 working days from dispatch

4. UK Express Delivery – next working day (if ordered before 3pm)

Now in comparison to Amazon UK doesn’t promise your console will arrive on the release date, however I have pre-ordered Xbox 360 games many, many times before from play and I have never been left wishing I had waited in line in the cold and rain at midnight! also has all the release titles available, the majority with a pre-order price of £59.97, a few titles are a fiver cheaper, a few little more; Fantasia for example is listed at £66.99. The other stand out launch titles which are available include Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5.

As with all the other listed consoles we have seen so far for the Xbox One the console comes with the Xbox One Controller, which features an improved designed when compared to the 360 version.  The lack of console bundle deals means that there is very little competition in the market; we are waiting to see what retailers will offer to make their console deals unique. also offer a credit card if you wish to spread the payment over time, however their representative rate of 16.9% will mean you end up paying more than the listed £429.94, as with most credit options available these days.

According to, a reliable source of sales reviews, has a rating of 6.6 out of 10. It is worth noting that half of their reviews are 5 star! Sadly there are some poor reviews in and amongst which bring down their excellent rating, personally I have only ever had good experiences with play and I would highly recommend their services. At the end of the day here at Buy Xbox One UK we only cover retailers which we feel you can trust and they have our vote!

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Over the past few years streaming digital content to your home has become common place, from Lovefilm & Amazon to online TV catch up the UK has embraced the next generation method of acquiring content, so it’s no surprise to see that Microsoft has too. They plan to offer two options for purchasing games.

The traditional physical copy option

Althought it doesn’t really need explaining; you visit your local retailer and purchase a copy of the game on a Blu-ray. Some consumers still feel they prefer to have a copy in their hands; there is nothing like breaking the cellophane packaging and holding the shiny new disk. Good news for these people, there’s not much change here, the only difference is you will now be required to install the game on your Xbox One before you can play. However as a nice bonus once the game is installed Microsoft will hold in their cloud, allowing you to play you games whilst you’re at a friend’s house. This is AWESOME.

Then for those of us who have a decent internet connection and   it is quite likely you will be downloading your games from Live.

The modern digital streaming option

Again anyone who has an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 will be familiar with the idea of digital downloads; basically it is Microsoft’s way of cutting out the middle man retailer.  From what we know about the Xbox One most of its titles will be available to download directly from Xbox Live, and again if you want to play these games from a mates house, that’s not going to be a problem!

Personally I prefer digital downloads, I am lucky enough to have a reliable, speedy internet connection and the idea of not having loads of Blu-ray’s cluttering up the place appeals a lot. However, its unclear how selling the digital versions will work, I expect it might fall under the rules we outlined in our previous article:

"There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once."

Physical copies will also have new rules/charges applied to them but this will be determined by publishers and trade-ins will only be available with participating retailers, we do wonder if this will include Ebay?

As more news is released we will let you know, in the meantime we are left wondering what this will do to all the retailers in the UK who’s business revolves around physical media, it’s certainly going to be a time for change in the UK gaming market.

Image credit: Kalleboo

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