Well we have to start somewhere, so why not with one of the UK’s most trusted retailers, Amazon UK. Everybody in the developed world knows who Amazon is, and they have long been established as one of the most trusted online retailers available. They offer a range of add-on options including free delivery options in the UK, release day delivery options and gift wrap if the Xbox console is an awesome unexpected gift for somebody.

For the latest price check the following link, please note this is for the base console, more bundle deals will be reviewed shortly. Click for the latest price!

One of the main reasons we chose to start at Amazon UK, aside from reliability, were the little extra touches to make their service that little bit better, now don’t get me wrong I have no doubt the majority of other retailers out there will soon be showing off about their offerings and we’ll be there to cover that too, but right now  let summarise Amazon’s two main perks:

The price match promise

Whatever the lowest price Amazon lists their Xbox One console at is the price everybody pays regardless of the listed price of the console at the time of the order. This applies to their pre-order games too. This is a great way to make sure you reserve your stock before release day! Now talking of release day:

Release Day Delivery

The second perk Amazon offer is their “Release Day Delivery” (click the link for their full explanation and T & C’s). This applies to eligible postcodes in the UK, which, rather wonderfully, means you don’t have to queue at midnight for four hours to buy your new Xbox One, instead all you need to do is book the day off from work and enjoy playing the new Call of Duty in amazing HD quality instead! I mean what could be better!

Amazon UK's Price

Now that Microsoft has confirm their pricing structures Amazon UK and other retailers have followed, announcing the packages and bundles they are able to offer around the console, which has a base price of £429. 

Note: The review system will be in place shortly, allowing you to view all the offers available and their latest prices! Enjoy and stay tuned!

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