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Play.com Pre-Order Offer


Our next Xbox One review to help you Buy Xbox One in the UK covers Rakuten’s UK retailer play.com, once again I don’t need to tell you who they are, they have long been established as a reliable UK online retailer. First of all the basics, Play.com’s pre-order service lists the Xbox One console with a release date, 30th November 2013, it is priced at £429.94.

You have the usual 4 delivery options available to you:

1. UK Free Delivery – 3-5 working days from dispatch

2. European Free Delivery -  7 – 10 working days from dispatch

3. UK First Class 2- 3 working days from dispatch

4. UK Express Delivery – next working day (if ordered before 3pm)

Now in comparison to Amazon UK play.com doesn’t promise your console will arrive on the release date, however I have pre-ordered Xbox 360 games many, many times before from play and I have never been left wishing I had waited in line in the cold and rain at midnight!

Play.com also has all the release titles available, the majority with a pre-order price of £59.97, a few titles are a fiver cheaper, a few little more; Fantasia for example is listed at £66.99. The other stand out launch titles which are available include Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5.

As with all the other listed consoles we have seen so far for the Xbox One the console comes with the Xbox One Controller, which features an improved designed when compared to the 360 version.  The lack of console bundle deals means that there is very little competition in the market; we are waiting to see what retailers will offer to make their console deals unique.

Play.com also offer a credit card if you wish to spread the payment over time, however their representative rate of 16.9% will mean you end up paying more than the listed £429.94, as with most credit options available these days.

According to trustpoilot.co.uk, a reliable source of sales reviews, play.com has a rating of 6.6 out of 10. It is worth noting that half of their reviews are 5 star! Sadly there are some poor reviews in and amongst which bring down their excellent rating, personally I have only ever had good experiences with play and I would highly recommend their services. At the end of the day here at Buy Xbox One UK we only cover retailers which we feel you can trust and they have our vote!

Physical Media vs Digital Media?

Over the past few years streaming digital content to your home has become common place, from Lovefilm & Amazon to online TV catch up the UK has embraced the next generation method of acquiring content, so it’s no surprise to see that Microsoft has too. They plan to offer two options for purchasing games.

The traditional physical copy option

Althought it doesn’t really need explaining; you visit your local retailer and purchase a copy of the game on a Blu-ray. Some consumers still feel they prefer to have a copy in their hands; there is nothing like breaking the cellophane packaging and holding the shiny new disk. Good news for these people, there’s not much change here, the only difference is you will now be required to install the game on your Xbox One before you can play. However as a nice bonus once the game is installed Microsoft will hold in their cloud, allowing you to play you games whilst you’re at a friend’s house. This is AWESOME.

Then for those of us who have a decent internet connection and   it is quite likely you will be downloading your games from Live.

The modern digital streaming option

Again anyone who has an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 will be familiar with the idea of digital downloads; basically it is Microsoft’s way of cutting out the middle man retailer.  From what we know about the Xbox One most of its titles will be available to download directly from Xbox Live, and again if you want to play these games from a mates house, that’s not going to be a problem!

Personally I prefer digital downloads, I am lucky enough to have a reliable, speedy internet connection and the idea of not having loads of Blu-ray’s cluttering up the place appeals a lot. However, its unclear how selling the digital versions will work, I expect it might fall under the rules we outlined in our previous article:

"There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once."

Physical copies will also have new rules/charges applied to them but this will be determined by publishers and trade-ins will only be available with participating retailers, we do wonder if this will include Ebay?

As more news is released we will let you know, in the meantime we are left wondering what this will do to all the retailers in the UK who’s business revolves around physical media, it’s certainly going to be a time for change in the UK gaming market.

Image credit: Kalleboo

The New Xbox One Daily Check-in?

It's been a rough day or two over at Microsoft, with their breaking news regarding their more strict rules about selling second hand games, and even giving them away to friends, no doubt after immense pressure from games developers.

24 hour checkin for the new Xbox One

Then they announce their next slightly worrying fact about their new Xbox One, at least once a day you console will require a quick visit to the World Wide Web! That’s right, every 24 hours the console will need to “check-in” with it’s parent servers just to check everything is ok.

At first guess it reasoning seems quite obvious, they want to stop pirates and cheats. It does make sense if you build a system you have to do everything you can to protect it, and this does seem like a logical answer to the problem.

Of course there are those who simply don’t have internet, but I think it’s fair to say most have access, at least once a day, to some form of internet connection.  As for what other information they will gain via this check-in method remains to be seen, but if they use the metrics to improve their live service I will be happy.

What will Sony do?

Let’s hope they make the most of opportunity and the news doesn’t affect too many people’s choice about buying the console. Makes me wonder where Sony will stand on the issue but I would hazard a guess by saying they will have something similar up their sleeves, if not worse (think always on connection?).

Image credit: Razor

Microsoft confirm DRM for Xbox One

*Edit*: Since the publication of this article here at Buy Xbox One UK, Microsoft have made a U-turn about the DRM methods we mentioned here. You can find our updated story here: Buy Xbox One UK DRM News

So if you’ve been visiting over the past few days you will clearly be able to see our site new site is building around you, we apologise for this but we are so keen to start covering the exciting news we just couldn’t wait until the site has the polish it deserves!

There has  been interesting developments with Microsoft’s latest outing. They have started to confirm details about their new digital rights management system. Basically who you can and can’t share your games with! Right now it appears the rules will be a little more complicated than I personally expected.

You will be able to share a game with a friend, but said friend must have been on your contact list for at least 30 days. Oh and you can only ever do this once per game, I assume said friend would then have unlimted access to the game whilst your not using it? However it could however mean one instance, for example you may be able to lend Bob the new COD  but only for a limited time? It’s an interesting idea, almost like handing out demos to friends, I can’t think of a better way to sell more games than by letting your friends “try it out” for a couple of hours?

Then there is your “Xbox One Family” it seems you can choose up to ten people to join your family, and family members will have full access to your content, now we assume this means videos, photos, TV but not sure how it will work with games? More details should follow shortly.

Perhaps I have misunderstood elements of their plan and there may be more to it than this, but hopefully Microsoft will confirm the details over the next few days.  Long story short gone are the days of lending your friend the new Tomb Raider to complete solo over a couple of weeks. It also adds complications to the second hand game market; it could be the blow that finishes more UK games retailers.


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Amazon UK Pre-Order Offer

Well we have to start somewhere, so why not with one of the UK’s most trusted retailers, Amazon UK. Everybody in the developed world knows who Amazon is, and they have long been established as one of the most trusted online retailers available. They offer a range of add-on options including free delivery options in the UK, release day delivery options and gift wrap if the Xbox console is an awesome unexpected gift for somebody.

For the latest price check the following link, please note this is for the base console, more bundle deals will be reviewed shortly. Click for the latest price!

One of the main reasons we chose to start at Amazon UK, aside from reliability, were the little extra touches to make their service that little bit better, now don’t get me wrong I have no doubt the majority of other retailers out there will soon be showing off about their offerings and we’ll be there to cover that too, but right now  let summarise Amazon’s two main perks:

The price match promise

Whatever the lowest price Amazon lists their Xbox One console at is the price everybody pays regardless of the listed price of the console at the time of the order. This applies to their pre-order games too. This is a great way to make sure you reserve your stock before release day! Now talking of release day:

Release Day Delivery

The second perk Amazon offer is their “Release Day Delivery” (click the link for their full explanation and T & C’s). This applies to eligible postcodes in the UK, which, rather wonderfully, means you don’t have to queue at midnight for four hours to buy your new Xbox One, instead all you need to do is book the day off from work and enjoy playing the new Call of Duty in amazing HD quality instead! I mean what could be better!

Amazon UK's Price

Now that Microsoft has confirm their pricing structures Amazon UK and other retailers have followed, announcing the packages and bundles they are able to offer around the console, which has a base price of £429. 

Note: The review system will be in place shortly, allowing you to view all the offers available and their latest prices! Enjoy and stay tuned!

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