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Amazon UK£44.99Buy Now
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The new Dead Rising 3 looks amazing, and we can't wait to get our hands on it! Check out our price round up to find the best deal Xbox One games right here! We hope your looking forward to playing this game as much as we are.

One of the highlights of the upcoming Xbox One UK launch is the news that we will finally get to play the third part of the adventure that is Dead Rising 3. If you want to make sure you buy dead rising 3 for Xbox One before stocks begin to run low you can order it now in time for Christmas. With various retailers now dispatching stock it is difficult to know where it's best to purchase Dead Rising 3 from, but our helpful table can help you make your decision without having to spend hours searching through retailers looking for stock.

Where to buy the new Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One

We have been scouting the internet for the best deal on your copy of the new dead rising 3 and we think that we've found it. Amazon UK are offering the game with a launch price of £44.99 which does also include free super saver delivery, which is their standard 3 - 5 day delivery option. If your worried about getting your copy before Christmas we would suggest their affordable next day delivery service. 

There are plenty of other options out there is you prefer not to use Amazon, or if stock availability becomes an issue, you can use our Dead Rising 3 Price Comparison Chart to find other retailer who have stock of this popular games title.

The Dead Rising 3 and Xbox One Day One Bundle

Available as part of an exclusive Day One release Dead Rising 3 is available bundled with the latest console, so if you indtend to buy Dead Rising 3 and don't already have a Xbox One this might be the perfect way to get hold of your copy. However stock has now all but sold out from retailers and therefore this means you will have to take a look at what's available from eBay if you want to secure yours before Christmas.

Dead Rising 3: A review

The story is set  a whole decade after Dead Rising 2, and we have a new star and prime location. He goes by the name of Nick Ramos and he has more experience as a mechanic than as a hero but as we can see form the exciting trailers and action packed screenshots he is settling into the role well. Dead Rising 3 see's the familiar return to their very popular sandbox style of game play. The vast open world maps provide a huge selection of different gaming areas and plenty of choice when it comes to how you play the game, you can adapt your response to different scenarios each time you play and these provide many ways for the story to develop .

With the massive expanses to explore Dead Rising 3 offers a varied and customisable cache of different items and weapons which you can use in so many different ways. By combining different weapons you can create you own "super" arsenal, put simply take your sledgehammer and your electric jack saw and combine to make your very own Hammer Saw, a level of detail which really adds to the series. There is an endless combination of different weapon selections, many more than we could list here, each providing varied benefits to the player. The new AI is a great improvment on previous Dead Rising Titles and the zombies are now far more challenging.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Day OneThe game includes co-op which is great if you enjoy completing games with your friends, through Xbox One Live. You can team up with your buddy at any point throughout the game, and don't worry any achievements; experience and progression you earn will be carried back to your own game.We think that the new Dead Rising for Xbox One  is by far the most amazing horror game to be part of the launch line-up. It was originally announced as part of  E3 on 10/06/2013. The launch show teased us with trailers which we have included at the bottom of this article for you to enjoy!It's the most recent Dead Rising , and shortly after the E3 event software giants Capcom released some their original artwork and gameplay images from the game, you can find these in our comprehensive guide Dead Rising Guides. 

We have already previewed the game and all of its amazing features in our Dead Rising 3 preview guide  and it includes all the launch artwork and official YouTube trailer:

Dead Rising Xbox One Preview

*Please note these prices are correct as of December 2013 but obviously can change on a regular basis, we endeavour to keep these prices correct however they should been seen as a guide, you can visit each retailer in a new tab to easily see the latest price and the best deals for Dead Rising 3.

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